What Is PHP? Why And Where Is It Required?

So PHP is the acronym for hypertext preprocessor, which is used to design dynamic websites. Rasmus Lerdorf first generated PHP Scripts in 1995 for his personal use, but later on, it became a very famous scripting language to format any WebPages. There are several steps or process that needs to be done before you could start using PHP language.

Where Can We Use PHP?
So PHP is a conducive scripted language that you can use to perform many things, and this language can create high-end web pages.

· It can be used to make HTML web forms, which are helpful to record and store data in your database.
· It can be easily used to add, delete and modify data in your database.
· It is used to create dynamic web pages for websites.
· It can also remember the visitors of your websites and can check the browsers of the visitors.
· It can be used to send and receive cookies.

Benefits Of Using PHP Scripts!
1. The first benefit of PHP Scripts is that it is speedy and comparatively faster than the other scripting language, which makes your working smooth and efficient.
2. It is an open-source language that means it is free to use, so it is the most famous programming language in design.
3. It is the best option to build websites as it communicates or interacts perfectly with the server and the browser, which is an advantage in creating a good website. In addition, the exchange of data is more accessible than those of other languages.
4. It helps you add or create different types of features which make your website look good and more functional.

Using the updated version of PHP language while designing your website will have more features than the previous one, which makes working on it easier.