All You Need To Know About Different Types Of B2B Marketplace!

b2b marketplace is a virtual place that connects buyers and sellers of physical goods and services. With the rise of e-commerce, more and more businesses use trading platforms to connect with suppliers or distributors.

Explore the marketplace to find your next vendor; you’ll find it far easier than scouring company websites for potential partners. Some pre-screened sellers are also there, so you can be confident about whom you’re doing business with. Just search the product or service you want to buy and click on the “Sell” button or fill in the contact form.

B2B marketplaces are emerging as a popular platform for buyers and sellers to meet online. There are various types of B2B marketplaces discussed below.

Marketplaces For Asset-Light Service Providers 
Here service providers are matched with their respective target markets. These are typically business consultancies or professional service providers. Marketplaces for listing spare inventories of goods on sale, enabling businesses to aggregate demand. This combines the selling of excess inventory with offloading the risk that the products wouldn’t be sold on time or at all to anyone buying. EBay Motors is an example of this kind of marketplace.

Marketplaces For Matching Demand With Supply
Here, buyers post their needs, and sellers compete to win the business. Like in case of E-bay, where consumers/buyers put up a product they want to sell while suppliers bid on these products to get a chance at selling it. This is also known as the reverse auction model, where demand is created through a consumer bidding system.

Other b2b marketplaces provide an ecosystem offering multiple services for different segments of buyers and sellers, including finance, logistics, and fraud prevention. Here, buyers and sellers can bid on products or services, choose financing options to buy the product, browse other sellers’ inventory, review feedback profiles of the buyers and sellers.